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A Place To Live, A Place To Love

Meemkakak south to Logan Park Council-House - Sciota Trail copy
The twin Shawnee villages at Meemkekak Chief Cornstalk’s Town north of Sippo crick
Grenadier Squaw Village on the south [ yellow ]
Image: Google Earth

Excerpted From I Hear Music  —  The Mary Ruth Tolbert Story

By Robert W. Butche
Copyright 2015 Greenbrier Publishing
All Rights Reserved

The flat lands, streams, and hills of Meemkekak, Great Shawnee Town in English, comprised Mary Tolbert’s childhood playground. She hand-caught crawdads in Sippo’s tranquil waters, belly-flopped atop sled-rails in winter, and raced the winds across the hills.

Four Score and Seven years later, as had Pekowi spirits tied forever to the burning place, Mary Ruth Tolbert passed on to Far Point
from Mount Oval Hill April 29th, 2012.


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