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The Ohio State University School
The Official History

 By Robert W. Butche

This work published by Peter Lang
Academic Publishing, New York

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2nd grade childrenImage Of Excellence reports a neglected chapter in the history of the College of Education at The Ohio State University.

Although Ohio State’s University School was an integral part of John Dewey’s progressive movement in education, it was equally a product of societal forces, changing cultural values, and political ambitions.

Appraisal of the Dewey-Bode era at Ohio State therefore requires that we look beyond Dewey’s legacy and examine what happened at Ohio State against the social and cultural background of a conflicted era.

From its very inception, The Ohio State University School was committed to the concept of teaching by example. Not only did this environment serve to promote Boyd Bode’s concept of democratic living, it also provided an opportunity for students to see adult teachers and administrators living by the mores, values and standards they taught.

class discussionIn the spring of 1965, the Ohio State University endured a series of increasingly belligerent protests and demonstrations. Students, a growing number of faculty, and other groups openly attacked the University’s Speakers Screening Rule and what many saw as increasing encroachment into student and academic affairs by the University’s Board of Trustees.

Complex issues are seldom as simple as they might seem at first. All too often, that which appears most obvious to outsiders only serves to conceal reality. Such was the case at Ohio State—where many of the political issues underlying the University School matter were carefully concealed in academic disguise. Politics had reared its ugly head on campus.

engine shopAn understanding of the rich history of The Ohio State University and its University School requires examination of their shared roots. As with the University itself, the institutions, people, and philosophies which conjoined to establish the University School were deeply rooted in 19th century Americana.

In a strange turn of fate, Ohio State’s successful athletic program played an important part in the University School story—for it was athletics, not academics, that first made famous the hallowed grounds at Woodruff and High streets.


Published by Peter Lang
6×9 Book – 546 pages – Copyright 2000
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University School photograph by David Parsons
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