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StarShip Chronicles
The Hub Spaceport Hotel
Designed by Robert Butche
Realized by Steven Hubbard


Stories of Real People and Real Places
In a Time of Mankind’s Voyages to the Final Frontier

By Robert W. Butche

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Steven Hubbard’s original StarShip visualization and rendering for the ImageStream Studio pilot.

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Two nights before the Friday morning press conference, large numbers of attendees began to arrive at Lunaria from points all over the solar system. Most were press, some were investors, and a dozen or so the senior managers of StarShip’s North American interests in New York, Washington and Columbus.

Bette Davis’ staff saw to it that the StarShip executives were personally greeted on their arrival, had a private meeting with the Chairman, and made to feel welcome in the new headquarters facility. After escorted tours of the Lunaria offices, Davis dispatched the VIPs, by company limousine, to Ames’ country estate a couple-hundred miles outside the noisy city.

The flight from Lunaria to Maskelyne House, aboard one of StarShip’s plush executive limos, was impressive – especially for first-time visitors. In the waning sun of afternoon week, the view of the lunar landscape along the way would be memorable. Once away from the city,  the VIP delegation flew over a deceptively rugged basin northeast of Lunaria. Soon they crossed the rugged crater zone southwest of the Sea of Tranquility en route to the highlands further north.

SDE at earthrise copy
The Hub Spaceport – Hotel
Animation Image: Steven Hubbard

Along the way, the limo crew entertained the VIPs with lunar lore and information.
“Ancient astronomers,” the pilot explained as the limo approached the flat lands to the north, “thought the rounded flat looking areas around here had the appearance of oceans from Earth.

One of those areas, Mare Tranquillitatis – you call it the Sea of Tranquility on Earth –was where  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the moon in the twentieth century.

They landed just a hundred miles or so northwest of the Chairman’s estate. There’s the Sea of Tranquility now,” he announced, pointing out the front windows, “ – stretching as far as the eye can see.”



6×9 Book – 340 pages – Copyright 2004
Animation Images
NASA Images


Artist – Animator: Steven Hubbard


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